Handcrafted Steel and Custom Doors

MILAN a division of Diversified Steel of Austin, Texas,  Since 2007 (www.diversifiedsteelandsupply.com).  Milan focus is on projects that require high quality Custom Architectural Steel

Handcrafted Steel, Ornamental Railings, Stair Cases, Retractable Walls, Windows and Custom Doors

Brief client list:

Pillar Custom Homes

H & N International (Custom Home Comanche Estates)

Beau Theriot – Oasis Restaurant Founder

411 Brazos – Custom “Green Roof Deck”

Turner Construction -Intel

Texas Historical Society

Charles Martin Custom Homes

Mr. Tillman -Personal Residence

Marriott Corporation, Hyatt

Royal Blue Grocery – Pocket Patio on Congress Ave

Michael Hsu – 916 Springdale Artisen Center Retrofit

Radisson Hotel,  Austin, Texas

Cesar Chavez Restaurant

Blue and Associates General Contractors

Capital One Bank


Milan announces our new product.  A Water Fall and Fountain combined into one: We named it “THE FIREFALL” – http://www.diversifiedsteelandsupply.com/firefall.php 

Texas Fabrication Facility

321 Iron Horse Drive

Hutto, Texas 78634

Office: 512-271-7988

Fax: 512-499-2123


Sales Office Texas

4500 E. Palm Valley Blvd
Bldg 108 Suite 66 Round Rock, Tx 78665